Cannabis Facility Build

This commercial Cannabis production facility is built with our Magnesium Oxide Structural Insulated Panels (MgO SIPS). We are proud to say that it turned out amazing! TitanWall is proud to see our commercial builds come to fruition, and we will always stand by our product’s quality and integrity!

The History Of MgO SIPs

The first concept for Structural insulated Panels(SIPs) began in 1935 within a research and development laboratory known as Forest Products Laboratory located in Madison, Wisconsin. SIP technology has evolved over the years. In present times, Magnesium Oxide Structural Insulated Panels (MgO SIPS ) set the gold standard for building affordable and energy-efficient homes and commercial … Read more

MgO SIP Advantage

This post will be about why MgO’s are right for people’s build projects and will include additional information not currently on the site. Once it is complete, there will be a link to this specific post for potential customers to see more information without having to go off site like your competitors are currently doing. … Read more


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